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Best Choice Roofing
Westfield, Indiana
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Roofer in Westfield, Indiana

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Our experience in the insurance industry has proven to be a valuable asset to our clients. From the moment we first speak with you, we will explore all your options. Whether you are having a roof replaced due to storm damage or are paying for this improvement yourself, our Claims Managers and Customer Service Managers will ensure you are satisfied. We help homeowners manage their claim. 90% of our customers had their roof replaced for very little out of pocket. That is a statistic we are proud of. Whether you have been denied in the past or have never filed a claim, we take pride in assuring you that your claim will be handled efficiently, appropriately and quickly..... HAVE OVER 19,000 COMPLETED PROJECTS! Best Choice Roofing is one of fastest growing roofing companies in the Country! We have offices in Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Texas! Whether we approach you, or you approach us, we are more than adequately equipped to handle your insurance claim. We will perform the work approved by your insurance company -for the exact dollar amount awarded -it's that simple! Maybe that's why we are growing at an exponential rate! Our Claims Managers are readily available to answer questions, meet with adjusters, and help you understand the insurance "lingo" that frustrates so many of our clients. We also perform retail work, so please call us today so we may explore your options in a professional, courteous and honest way.    Frequently Asked Questions.  Q.Will Best Choice Roofing Provide A Quote? A..... we are assisting you with a claim, then no. We don't battle over price with your adjuster. He/she will pay the fair market value for labor and materials. If the settlement is fair, we will do it for the exact amount awarded by your insurance company!.  Q..... it necessary for someone from Best Choice Roofing Inc. to meet with my insurance company? A.Not necessary, but advised. Sometimes an adjuster can make errors like us, you want us present to make sure nothing is overlooked. Q. So What's The Catch? A. There isn't one! We simply ask that you let us do the work after we work with your insurance company. Q. I know I have damage, but should I wait? A. Absolutely not! If you have damage and don't promptly report it to your insurance company, the insurance company doesn't have to repair damages caused due to neglect of filing a claim. Q. Will my insurance company raise my rates if I have damage to my home? A. Most states prohibit an insurance company from raising the rates of an individual due to damage sustained from an "Act of God". Insurance companies may classify certain areas as "high potential for loss" and may raise the rates of a certain area, such as a whole zip code. Q. My insurance company wants me to obtain estimates before filing the claim. Why is this? A. There are several reasons. To name a few, your insurance company may want someone to verify there is actual storm damage, not deterioration. There is no need to price shop when dealing with an insurance claim. Your insurance company uses sophisticated computer programs that tell them what the market value for labor and materials are to replace your roof. Price shopping for roof replacement with an insurance claim is like price shopping for a heart surgeon; quality, warranties and workmanship should be your concern, not the cost. Q. I can't see the damage to my roof. Why is this? A. Some damage is not visible from the ground. Shingles can be badly damaged, without being missing and hail damage is not visible unless looking down at it. We don't want to waste your time or your insurance company's time. If one of our Claims Managers says there is damage, then there is. Q. Should I report damage sooner rather than later? Absolutely! Some insurance companies only allow a certain time frame to report certain damage. We hope this answered all off your questions, if you are interested in having a free estimate from a certified Senior Claims Manager please contact, Jordan Reisinger (317) 56... to schedule an appointment. 


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